Introducing the CAD replacement QD Sling Mount for the Magpul PRS family of rifle stocks.

Introducing the CAD replacement QD Sling Mount for the Magpul PRS family of rifle stocks.

This tactical quick disconnect sling plate replaces the OEM Magpul Precision Rifle Stock (PRS) mount. The QDSP Mod 1 and 2 use heavy duty QD swivels or QD slings.

In my opinion, the Magpul PRS is a terrific rifle stock that solves several problems for me regarding cheekweld, stock weld and length-of-pull when used in conjunction with a scoped AR. However many people, myself included, have been frustrated with the factory sling plates and the lack of any quick-disconnect feature.
The factory sling plates are so close to the surface of the stock that it is difficult to remove or change a sling unless the sling plates are literally unbolted from the stock, and the sling often binds up with the length-of-pull knob.
Common conjecture is that the Magpul PRS was introduced into the marketplace and became popular long before the use of QD sling swivels became prevalent.

I myself have had the same frustrations about the lack of decent sling-mounting solutions for the Magpul PRS stocks that I own. I also didn't want to destroy the value of my Magpul PRS stock by drilling big holes in it or otherwise butchering up my stock. I just want an easy way to mount my sling, get it on and off fast, and use the original mounting bolts that came with the stock. I also wanted a sling mount that would raise the sling a half-inch further away from the length-of-pull knob, so that the sling doesn't interfere and bind with the knob.

So I decided to do something about it:

I initially designed and machined just a few for myself...but my friends quickly caught on and nagged me into making some for them.
One thing kinda led to another and this started consuming more and more of my time.
Eventually, after a couple of years I decided I ought to consider actually getting compensated for all of the time, effort, and money I have been putting into these.

After successfully applying for a United State Patent, starting a new business, and with the help of a few fellow Arfcommers (some with rather serious credentials I might add) in the form of beta-testing some prototypes...

I present the fully tested...

Cascadia Armament Design Quick Disconnect Sling Mount, Model 1 for the Magpul PRS

PRS QD Sling Attachment Point (PRS QDSAP)

Go read the thread that started it all at PRS QD Sling Attachment Point (PRSQDSAP).

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